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Book a Tarot reading

Thank you for your interest! Currently I offer 1hr live readings via Skype. They are $65 and payments are through PayPal or Venmo. I prefer Skype because I find this to be the most effective way and also gives you the opportunity to ask if you need more clarification. You are more than welcome to turn off your camera or simply cover it, should you not wish to be seen. Readings are conducted weekdays,  (Easter US Time) some daytime option included.


I will provide spiritual guidance that will aim to answer your questions, be they related to love, career or the direction of your life. Tarot is a wonderful tool that can supply input in those areas that need more clarity.


It’s important to understand that Tarot, just like any divination tool will offer projections based on your current situation and the choices that you are intending to make. It is a guide, and not an absolute. It is within your power to change or stay the course. The future is not set in stone. Therefore I approach Tarot as a spiritual journey, one that can offer a window into areas that are harder to see sometimes. It is not just used for fortune telling, it is much much more. Readings are meant to empower you not take away your power.

Readings are not a guarantee. Meaning, I can't guarantee that everything in your reading will happen.


Once you’ve purchased your reading and before we book your session please follow the directions below:

1: email me at  I will need some information from you before the the time of the reading.

2. Your name, that which you identify most with.

3. Your birth date.

4. Please let me know if you’d like me to use a certain pronoun. 

5. If you'd like a general reading or an answer to a specific question.

6. Any other information that you’d like to share.


You will then receive an email back with available time slots for you to choose.

Reading are booked on a first come, first serve policy. If we can’t reach an agreement on timing, then I’m more than happy to refund you your $65


I will choose a deck that I feel will work for you specifically. Normally I incorporate Oracle and Lenormand within a Tarot reading, so expect to see me use more than one deck. 


Confidentiality:  Your reading is yours and yours alone and will not be shared with anyone else. I will never divulge personal information of a reading.

Should you wish to record your Skype session so you can watch it later, you are more than welcome to do so.


Refunds: You may cancel your reading any time by emailing me and I will provide a full refund. However, there are no refunds after a reading is done. My readings are not sugar coated, I share what I see, therefore be prepared in case you will hear things that might make you uncomfortable, or make you deal with areas that you are not expecting.



-You must be over 18 years old to book a reading with me.

- No 3rd party readings please. I only read for the person who is purchasing the reading.

- I am not a lawyer therefor I cannot provide legal advice.

- I am not a doctor therefor I cannot provide you with medical or mental health advice. 


Emails after sessions: Once the session has ended, I cannot offer more information about your reading. You should ask for clarification at the time of your scheduled Tarot reading.

$65 Book a Tarot reading. Paypal
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$65 Book a Tarot reading. Venmo
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