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Tarot of Echoes 

The Tarot of Echoes was released in December 2023 in pre-order format. There is currently no plan for a second round of pre-orders. As of now, there are officially 750 indie decks created. All decks are signed by me and dated.

If you happen to have an opportunity to purchase it from someone, they MUST BE SIGNED, or they are fake.


For those of you that are interested in the deck, I am happy to let you know that it will be mass produced and distributed by US Games in the next few years. This version WILL include a guidebook. ​ Thank you to everyone who helped make this deck possible! Who supported me all these years and encouraged me to finish it.

The Tarot of Echoes a Comprehensive Walkthrough — The Creators Take


This extensive video does a deep dive into the Tarot of Echoes. A virtual guidebook from my the creators point of view. Reasons behind the artistic choices for the cards. We're going to explore the Major and Minor Arcanas in this 2 hr deck overview.

Please note, not all cards are shown but they are all created. Yes, I know there are differences in the type on the cards. It's on purpose to deter copyright infringement and counterfeit decks. 

Major Arcana
0 The Fool copy
1 The Magician copy
2 the high priestess 2 copy
5 The Hierophant copy
6 The Lovers copy
8 Strength2 copy
12 The Hanged ManWEb
21 The World copy
Suit of Swords
3 Swords copy
Suit of Cups
Suit of Pentacles
1 of Pentacles
2 of Pentacles copy
3 of Pentacles copy
4 of PentaclesA copy
5 of Pentacles copy
6 of Pentacles copy
11 Page of pentacles copy
12 Knight of Pentacles copy
13 Queen of Pentacles copy
14 King of Pentacles copy
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