Winged Goddess Wand

A beautiful and unique hand crafted wand. Created to embody the spirit of the Goddess, depicted here as the morphing winged her wings embrace the wand in flight. This wand is exquisitely hand sculpted out of epoxie clay, each feather is hand painted in various metallic golden shades.  It is adorned with beautiful rainbow moonstone at its center.
This wand is a labour of love and would make a wonderful addition to your magical collection, or as an artistic piece. The wand measures 13" 


RAINBOW MOONSTONE has a reflecting and calming energy. It vibrates with feminine wisdom and the waxing and full Moon. Moonstones are known to increase psychic abilities. Associated with the full and waning Moon. Because of its feminine nature, Moonstone has long been considered a "women's healing stone".

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Winged Goddess Magic Wand