The Water Maiden pendant is made out of a lovely labradorite stone with gold leaves and a large coral. It's was made with the intention of connecting the wearer to the element of water. This piece is hand sculpted out of epoxie clay and the leaves and flowers are hand painted. It pendant itself measures 3” and is hung on a black piece of leather with lobster clasp that measures 23”


LABRADORITE The Inuit legend claims that the Aurora Borealis were once trapped in the rocks along the coast of Labrador. A worrior once noticed them and struck the rocks with his sword freeing most of them. What remained, created the Labradorite.Labradorite is a stone of magic, associated with the crone aspect of the Goddess and the moon. It is a protector of the aura preventing energy leakage and is excellent for awakening you intuition and psychic abilities.Thank you for looking!


RED CORAL was once a living organism found in the ocean, called a polyp. It believed to help with warding off sadness and depression. With its fiery red energy, Red Coral provides great strength and helps with intention in goal setting. Being governed by the element of water, it is meant to balance emotional energies.


* Pendant should not be scrubbed in order to protect the paint. 

Water Maiden- Labradorite & Coral Pendant