A unique and beautifully handcrafted obsidian arrow point pendant adorned with a lovely rainbow moonstone stone with black tourmaline Inclusions. The Pendant is sculpted using epoxie clay and the accent vines and leaves are hand painted. This pendant measures 2 1/4 “ and is hung on a black piece of leather with lobster clasp that measures 26"


OBSIDIAN is formed from volcanic lava which has cooled quickly. It is considered a very powerful and protective stone also associated with guardian spirits. Obsidian brings to the wearer Earth energy, strengthening his spirit and healing the body.


RAINBOW MOONSTONE has a reflecting and calming energy. Moonstones are known to increase psychic abilities. Associated with the full and waning Moon. 
This is a real arrow point and is not meant for children. 

Thank you for looking!

Spirit Weaver Obsidian & Moonstone Arrowhead Pendant


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