A beautiful, one of a kind pendant. Lovingly hand sculpted & adorned with hand painted green leafs and vines. This little seer has measures 3" and hangs on an 10" black piece of suede with lobster clasps. 


Green Kyanite — Is believed to be a peaceful and calming stone that helps with relieving stress. It's a wonderful stone for meditation and conecting with the earth.


Moonstone & Black Tourmaline — This stone is known to harmonize both masculine and feminine energies. It is a blend of the gentle intuitive moonstone energy and that of the protective masculine  of the tourmaline. It is a great stone to use for those who’re interested in shamanic work. 


Abalone Shells — Protective healing qualities. Helps bring about calming energies and great for communication. The Maori people believe it to bring good luck. Abalone shells are also assoicated with the throat chakra.  


* Pendant should not be submerged in water to protect stones and paint. 

Little Seer— Moonstone, Abalone Shell & Green Kyanite Pendant