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This is little pendant holds a beautiful rainbow rainbow moonstone with black tourmaline cabochon. The pendant was lovingly hand sculpted out of apoxie clay and hand painted with silver tones.

It is terminated  lovely with blue Kyanite . The pendant measures 2.5” and  is hung on a black piece of suede that measures 20" with lobster clasp.

Blue Kyanite - Is a wonderful stone to facilitate meditation. known to aid in the development of both intuition and psychic abilities. Its energies are gentle and balanced, inducing tranquility and calm, as well as enhancing communication and psychic awareness


Rainbow Moonstone & Black Tourmaline

Rainbow Moonstone has a gentle calming energy and with the black tourmaline, it is a stone of protection, bringing balance, harmony, and hope.

* Pendant should not be scrubbed in order to protect the paint. 

Dream Keeper Moonstone & Blue Kyanite Pendant

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